About Us

My name is Denis Sénéchal
Owner of Quebec & Co. Relocating Services
I am canadian, an expat myself.

I started this agency, 3 years ago, because when
i came here, we had a hard time finding a house in Kigali.
Working with local commissioners and brokers was rather frustating.
Visiting 30-40 houses mainly unqualified, and at the end, having to choose between options that were not really within the range of criterias in mind.

At Quebec & Co, our clients are tenants, not property owners. (from which brokers get their fees)
So, we simply protect our clients interests, needs, tastes and requirements.
We work with 2 in house scout partners, 5 in house property scouts and
we link with the 10 best commissioners in town.
After having collected our clients criterias, needs and tastes, we launch a
personnalised search thru our network. We visit all found houses and qualify
them before keeping only the ones that qualify our clients requirements.
Then we contact our clients to visit the qualified houses.
Mainly, our clients find their perfect home within 2-4 visits...
And all houses are inspected, checked for structural problems, moisture, leaks, neighbourhood, reliability of landlord, lease agreement etc.

And at the end, we negociate the rent price to get the best win-win deal.

Our conditions are simple: 1 year minimum lease
3-6 months paid in advance and 1 month caution
asked by owners. Half a month rent as agency commission

We also help by accompanying our clients with everyday things needed to relocate, like housekeepers, cars, drivers, guards & all sort of needed services that facilitate the transition.
Relocating you in your perfect home in Kigali, is our only goal!

Dont waste your time!
Professionnalism, integrity and
perfect time management.
No need to visit 20-40 houses...
and end up unsatisfied...

RDB REGISTERED: #108707009-2018
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